Great Ideas for Financial Services

A currency exchange and check cashing service uses a LAMINATED CARD to detail company pay days for a major employer near their branch.

A payday loan company gave NOTE PADS to local residents to remind them of the service.

Credit Unions use MAGNETIC MEMO BOARDS to remind depositors of hours and phone numbers. A popular use for the back is the Medical Emergency Chart offered at no additional charge.

A Credit Union used the MAGNETIC MEMO BOARDS with all the branch office numbers listed on the back and a full color mountain scene on the front with spaces for important local information.

The holiday schedule was highlighted on a WALLET CARD CALENDAR for a credit union.

An insurance agent gives MINI MAGNETIC MEMO BOARDS on birthdays and anniversaries with her phone number and emergency claim information on the back.

An insurance agent uses BUSINESS CARD MAGNETS to remind policy holders of phone number.

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