Great Ideas for Food Services

A catering company used the MAGNA-PEEL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS to send a “Keep Our Number!” handy for company parties and events.

A restaurant uses NOTE PADS with their contact information and logo on it.

A grocery store uses MAGNA-PAD™ Grocery List note pads with their contact information on the attached business card magnet to hand out to customers.

Six restaurants in a city block sent MAGNA-PEEL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS with their delivery phone numbers. They used the postcard to indicate hours of operation.

A local bar and grill used Full-Color TABLE TENTS to display monthly specials, deals, and a calendar of events.

A pizza restaurant used MAGNA-PEEL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS mailed to carrier route sort lists to announce phone numbers and location of their nearest branch to residences and businesses.

A coffeehouse uses Full-Color TABLE TENTS to display their most popular drink choices for fast and easy ordering.

A cafe used Full-Color WALLET CARDS with stock balanced diet chart on the backside to promote their menu and give there customers a handy tool to use. Other alternative backside imprints could be a Tip Chart, a partial menu, dine-in coupons, or catering service and ordering number.

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