Great Ideas for the Academic Community

A University Music Department used NOTE PADS to remind teachers of a series of programs.

A university used a BOOKMARK to announce the availability of scholarships.

A college used a BOOKMARK/RULER to “Measure Your Success” while attending night classes.

A college sports team used the MAGNETIC MEMO BOARDS to remind boosters of the game schedules.

The local high school uses FULL-COLOR MAGNETS to remind parents of office and nurse phone numbers.

A grammar school sends students home with BOOKMARKS reminding parents of the “class cancelled” announcement phone number and website.

A college used FULL-COLOR POSTERS to showcase their women’s lacrosse team.

A Prep School used MAGNA-SEAL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS to remind alumni of the upcoming reunion.

A school used MAGNA-SEAL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS to Save the Date for a fund-raiser evening event.

A high school used FULL-COLOR POSTERS to display Boys and Girls Sport Schedules for the school year on the top portion and displayed ads from local businesses on the bottom portion.

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