Table Tents Rock!

Our Table Tent (Item: 6100) is printed in FULL COLOR on BOTH SIDES!

Yes, I know that a table tent is traditionally a one sided item but what good does a plain white sheet of paper do for an advertising message? No logo, no theme… no nothing is what.

The problem with tradition is that it traditionally ignores progress when progress is a good thing. Two sided full color printing is a good thing. Learn it and use it and your customers will be happier with your product suggestions and your TradeNet supplied item.

Some great uses for ye olde back side are:
1) Bar food menu- “Not Yo Nachos- Bitty Burgers- Fries- …”
2) Specialty Drink menu- “Tequila Sunrise- $2.50 on Wednesday”
3) “Specials”- “Hot Wings- 10 for $8 (regularly 10 for $10)
4) “Theme Night” schedule. – “Happy Hour for Accounts… Thursday”
5) Music group or DJ schedule
6) “Merchandise for sale” display- “Hey… wanna buy a t-shirt?”

What is your ‘Back Side’ idea?

(visit Nowell’s selling tips blog Selling By Nowell Blog for motivation!.)

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