Really Great Wallet Card Idea

You know the drill… you’re on your cell phone and the voice message says, “Press 2 for a company directory” so you press 2. Then, you are asked to “enter the first three letters of your party’s name” and you come to a screeching halt. You look at your cell phone and all you see is a numeric pad with no alphabet characters on it. Shoot. What number does the “n” fall on?

Virtually every single customer, prospect or employee has the same trouble. Their phones may not have the alphabet on the number keys either. Well, TradeNet has solved the problem! We offer a wallet card back print with the alphabet under the right number for easy reference. There is even a place for your imprint! Every time they refer to it, they are reminded of the nice person who gave them this useful item!

How cool is that!

Check out the wallet card at and see how many really useful ideas you can come up with to promote your business with this amazing piece of artwork! The artwork is under the OPTIONS tab on the CLICK TO CHOSE STOCK WALLET CARD ART selection. It is Artwork style “PN”

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