You can sell this memo board today!

Memo Boards for the Health Care Industry:

Everybody wants to make the most of their advertising and marketing dollar. When money is tight, it is especially important. Before you blow that dollar on an advertisement, ask how long your dollar will be selling your message. Don’t be seduced by the newest and greatest trendy thing of the moment.

Classic products are classics because they provide proven results and proven value. One TradeNet classic is the venerable Write On/Wipe Off Memo Board (Item# 1000: ) because it is a really useful product.

It is selling right now in the Health Care industry and this is why: A man in Sacramento California recently visited his grand niece, the mother of the newest addition to their family. He noticed a baby sitter notes memo board on her refrigerator that he gave the family almost twenty years ago!

The memo board was still functional, showing the phone number of the hospital (unchanged in twenty years) and with the Home Emergency Information back print still providing helpful tips to frazzled mom’s, dad’s and baby sitters.

The memo board (which sold for $1.02 back then with a one color blue imprint and a black stock art back print) has lasted through two generations of kids and will probably be passed down to a third generation some day. The cost per impression (the method of determining how much an advertisement is worth) works out to be $0.00001328 cents a day! That is a pretty good return on investment for an item that now costs only $0.99 each in FULL COLOR (printed both sides) twenty years later!

Yep… for under a buck, you get 8 ½ x 11 inches of useful space on an item that goes into the home and can sell your business identity for twenty years! It applies to every kind of health program. Hospitals, clinics, individual doctors, pharmacies, nursing homes, service providers, web-based drug and supply sellers, sales teams… let your imagination run wild. For about $500.00 you get one of the best advertising values in the history of the medium.

A Memo Board does more for your customer than most other products!

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