A Variety of Ideas

A Safety Program Manager used TRI-FOLD LAMINATED WALLET CARDS to display a range of stretching and warm-up exercises for employees. The list of activities were to prevent aches and pains throughout the work day.

A city used MAGNA-PEEL POSTCARDS with MAGNETS to promote their new recycling initiative. On the postcard was a challenge to residents to recycle 1/2 pounds per person per day. The Magnet listed items that could and could not be recycled, along with a website and information hot line.
A couple use a MAGNA-PHRASE MAGNET to announce their upcoming wedding. The phrase magnet was made up of words from their life together, and the magnet showcased the couple and the “save the date” information.
A city zoo used LAMINATED CARDS to announce the zoo schedule for the upcoming year. Special events, website and phone number were highlighted on the card.
A pizza place used WRITE-ON/WIPE-OFF MAGNETIC MEMO BOARDS to hand out to prospective and current customers. On the front was the logo, website, and phone number with plenty of space to write memos. On the back was a menu showcasing the restaurant’s myriad of choices and prices.

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