MBC's Sell for Me!

This heartwarming story of sales success comes from a promotional products distributor in the West:

“My friend Don said, “I needed a lawyer and didn’t know who to call. I was at my mother’s house and saw a small calendar with a business card on top hanging on the side of her refrigerator. I asked her about it and she said she gets one every year from her attorney. She said he was very good and it was a very nice gesture.”

(TradeNet has been making Magnetic Business Card (MBC) Products in dozens of versions for over sixteen years. They are a great item to use at any time of the year.)

“Don never thought about using calendars or any other “hang up” promotional product for that matter. He was intrigued. We discussed his promotional needs and they came down to two: 1) ‘I need something really inexpensive. Money is tight.’ And 2) ‘I want something people will want to use with information that they need.'”

“I find that MBC products are just the thing. With a choice of calendars, notepads, sports schedules, (football, baseball, soccer, hockey, auto racing, etc.) helpful home and business tips and the “Skinny Mini” memo board, there is a design for every use and every interest. They are packaged in boxes of 100 pieces for easy distribution and the minimum quantities are low and affordable.”

(So the big question is: “Do they work?”)

“I know that Don called his mom’s lawyer and spent “More thousands of dollars than I care to think about,” he said. “That’s a really good return on investment for an inexpensive promotional item.”

(Editor note: Football schedules are available right now at your Distributor Central website.)

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