Let's Table This Information!

It is getting to be a lot like Summer.

With events, festivals, concerts, cook-off’s, and hundreds of other publicity intensive programs happening, there are a few really good promotional items that sell at this time of year.

One of these is the venerable Table Tent (item #6100). This commonly seen product advertises everything from beer to baklava to happy hour specials in restaurants and bars all over the world.

The Table Tent also has a use in event marketing. It is an inexpensive way to let people know when things are happening where ever they sit and spend time. Put your “Pancake Breakfast” ad on every break room table in the company. Announce your “Book Fair” to every reader in the library. Invite a few thousand diners to your “Taste of the City” get together on the table of every participating restaurant and eatery. Make sure the joint is hopping at your “Music Festival.”

Wherever there is a flat surface that attracts eyes, a Table Tent gives valuable information. And, since all flat sheet printed TradeNet products include FULL-COLOR printing on both sides at no additional cost, the inside of the Table Tent can be used for more information or a second event, saving time and advertising money!

Ask around your community for the people who are organizing the events and festivals in the area and show the Table Tent (item #6100) from TradeNet. They will be glad you did!

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