By George! Great promotions found for under $1!

Pennies count for plenty with customized Under-a-Dollar catalog

Under a Dollar pic

Promotional products distributors know full well their customers are always on the lookout for promotional products that make an impact yet don’t break the bank. It’s why there’s always high demand for TradeNet’s “Great Products for Under a Dollar” promotional booklet.

Let’s correct that last sentence. It’s really not TradeNet’s booklet. It actually belongs to distributors. The piece is fully customizable — front and back — so distributors can make it their own  promotional sales piece. At no charge, TradeNet will print distributors’ logos and contact information on both sides of the booklet. For a minimal fee, TradeNet will even mail the piece directly to distributors’ customer lists. It’s yet another example of allowing distributors and their customers to present “Your Message Your Way.”

Even better, the products included within are among the most popular Your Message Your Way products. Made in the USA, they’re of a high quality that belies the reasonable cost. You’ll find:

  • Magnets
  • Memo Boards
  • Magna-Peel Postcards
  • Hand Fans
  • Stik-On Notes
  • Slinky Notes (a TradeNet exclusive)
  • Magnetic Calendars
  • And more!

More details at Or reply right here and we’ll help get your order placed.

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