TradeNet will miss Rick Rankin

Rick Rankin 032514But will the retiring Press Operator miss TradeNet? Of course he will!

Congratulations to Rick Rankin,  who heads off into retirement after years of valued service as a press operator. TradeNet sent Rick off in fine fashion by providing lunch for everyone in his honor.

Rick Rankin table 032514
RICK ROUNDTABLE — Lunch was on TradeNet for Rick Rank’s last day. This fine group includes, from left: Scott Perry, Rick, Joe Torrago, Ursisio Tllames, Jay Elliott and Rich Byle.

The object as shown above in the going-away card as signed by co-workers  is, appropriately enough, one of TradeNet’s popular Slinky® Adhesive Notepads. Rick ran the Slinky® press and, as a not-so-well-known fact, ran the very first Slinky® Notepad to ever come off the press. History in the making!

Good luck, Rick. Your good work and high spirits were highly valued and greatly appreciated at TradeNet.


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