Go East, Young Man! To the Expo!

Expo East 2014
Click to learn more about TN Memo Boards. Expo East attendees will be getting a special Memo Board offer.


TradeNet is headed to the Boardwalk

TradeNet will be an exhibitor at the 2014 Expo East show in Atlantic as hosted by the PPAI on May 19-21. This is one of the biggest shows on the east coast and TradeNet will the in the thick of the action.

We sure hope you can stop by Booth 715 as TradeNet is eager to demonstrate its new Web-to-Print Company Store. The booth will be equipped with a large monitor to show how the store functions and to get feedback from attendees. TradeNet Memo Boards (click the Expo  logo above) will be our “show special” and we’ll be featuring Slinky® Adhesive Notepads in the Expo’s product pavilion.

Scott Perry, Steve Hale and Mike Rubin will be manning the TradeNet’s Expo East booth most the time, but will be expecting help from other TradeNet team members making the trip to Atlantic City. That includes Joe Torrago, Brent Mertz and Chris Schlemmer. Joe and Chris will be taking part in PPAI technology show that corresponds with the Expo.

See you on the Boardwalk!




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