Laminated 8.5×11 calendars an ideal 2015 promotion

Laminated Calendar
Laminated card calendars get attention…

Big-card calendars great for posting; perfect for mailing

Laminated calender mailer
…and make a great mail piece.

The time is right for showing off one of TradeNet’s most popular calendar products. Sturdy laminated, brilliant full-color cards make ideal calendars for posting and hanging. The big 8.5×11-inch cards are sure to make a lasting impression, especially since it delivers your message 365 days a year. Consider a calendar on one side and use the back to provide more information about your brand, or helpful tips, or local emergency phone number or whatever works best for you.

If you really want to increase the impact, use the cards as a  mailer. That’s sure to get people’s attention.

A smaller size — 5.25×8.5 in. — is also available. It makes a great calendar for smaller spaces.

Click either image to learn more.


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