Still time beat kick-off with Magnetic Football Schedules

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Football season is underway, but EQP and fast turnaround still possible on your favorite team’s 2014 schedule

You may be impressed by a quarterback’s moves on the football field, but nothing compares to the positive impact your business card has when placed atop a favorite team’s season schedule. When you attach a business card to these bright and colorful schedules, the message is delivered all season long.

Magnetic business card schedules make a strong impression on a tight budget. Just press your business card onto the self-adhesive area to instantly create a personalized marketing tool. They make ideal personal handouts.

Plus, with TradeNet:

  • All pro team schedules available
  • Only 29 cents each when ordering 300 or more
  • In-stock schedules ship in 48 hours
  • 100% Made in the USA

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