Cookout at the A-OK TradeNet Corral

The burgers and dogs were sizzlin’ and the fixins’ were fine as TradeNet said thanks to everyone in the plant with lunch on the house.

Steve and Scott - BBQ 091814
CAT & HAWK — K-State and KU allegiances aside, Steve Hale, left, Director of Marketing, and Scott Perry, Director of Pre-Production Services, made for a dynamic cooking team at the TradeNet cookout.

On Thursday, managers did the cookin’ and helped with the servin’ to all departments and the day and night work shifts. Cool, comfortable weather was ideal for cooking and even allowed for some courtyard dining.

The “busy season” is underway at TradeNet, so the company-wide cookout was one way to express appreciation for everyone at TradeNet for their good work. Thanks everyone!

BBQ Mali Services
HAPPY CAMPERS — This fine group obviously enjoyed having managers cook their lunch. Here we have, from left: Daphnie Dudley, Linda Browning, Oscar Benitez, Dana Newman and Kim Cash.
BBQ D and V 091814
OPEN WIDE… — … and say “Customer Service!” Debbie Evans, left, and Vickie Greener ham-burgered it up for the camera before heading back to their home territory, Customer Service.


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