AppleFest 2 results in winners all around

With 16 scrumptious apple dishes entered in the competition, just about everyone was treated to an apple-ishous treat.

Applefest 2014
APPLE WINNERS — Scott Perry congratulates AppleFest 2 winners, from left, Kim Cash, Emily Eslick and Debbie Evans.

Supplied with apples from Cider Hill Family Orchard, the renowned chefs of TradeNet prepared an array of pies, dumplings, tarts, cakes, crisps and such as part of a judged competition. A panel of six judges had the difficult — if not enjoyably filling — task of ranking the 16 entries in what’s been dubbed TradeNet AppleFest. Each and every entry was delicious. TradeNet employees can vouch for that, because once the judging was completed, there were still plenty of samples for all to taste.

This is the second year for AppleFest. Scott Perry, TradeNet’s Director of Pre-Production Services,  has a direct connection with the Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City, Kan., and last year offered up apples. The Customer Service team took things a step further and created a competition. Now that AppleFest 2 has been declared a success, looks like this will be an annual tradition when the fall apple season rolls around.

AppleFest 2 winners:

1st — Debbie Evans, Customer Service (Caramel Apple Cheesecake)

2nd — Kim Cash, Mail Services (Grand Girls Fresh Apple Cake)

3rd — Emily Eslick, Assembly (Apple Crisp)

Rumor has it the Cider Hill Orchard is getting ready to start selling pumpkins. Another competition, perhaps?


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