Wes Cromer marks 25 years with TradeNet

Wes Cromer worked in Assembly and then as a shift supervisor when he joined the TradeNet team in 1989. But when it was discovered Wes had a unique talent, his role changed. Wes, it seems, has a knack for catching typos and order entry errors before products went into production.  Wes became TradeNet’s first full-time proofer, a position he kept for more than 15 years.

Wes and Tom 092214
TradeNet President & CEO Tom Mertz, right, congratulates Wes Cromer for his 25 years with the company.

Wes has now been with TradeNet for 25 years, the past seven in the Order Entry department. He’s seen the company add employees, expand its production capabilities, move into expanded facilities and embrace new technologies. He seems to have gotten past the fact that when he was first promoted to proofreader, his desk was sandwiched between the presses and the lamination equipment in a busy shop.

“I owe a lot to TradeNet and have really enjoyed working here,” Wes said when being recognized for his years of service to the company. Wes was honored this week at a monthly all-employee meeting. Other than President & CEO Tom Mertz, Wes has worked longer at TradeNet than any other current employee.

Co-workers know Wes to be friendly, helpful and professional… and still with that knack for catching mistakes early. When Wes isn’t working, he enjoys a hobby-turned-business as a landscape photographer. He also is a cyclist and runner.

Thanks, Wes! And congratulations on 25 years with TradeNet!




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