Need selling ideas that 'Stik"? Think Stik-ON®

Customers can make most of America’s best adhesive notes

Stik-ON Image 101315Next time you show America’s best Stik-ON® Adhesive Pad, be mindful a few good ideas help customers put their message where it counts. Armed with adhesive pads with full color and strong “stik”, here are some great places where customized Stik-ON® sheets make a positive impression:

  • Retail packages. “Thanks for your business” or as reminder about upcoming sales.
  • Great for welcome wagon boxes for new residents to the community.
  • Real estate pros can use as leave-behind notes about property’s key features. (“This new table stays” or “These switches work for outside lights.”)
  • Perfect for temporary page markers in sales materials and even in official papers.
  • Pizza boxes. Carry-out food containers. Drive-thru bags. Restaurants can put Stik-ON® sheets to work every day.
  • Back-to-school kits for students and teachers.
  • Tell your computer retailer that Stik-ON® sheets are the ideal way to leave reminders on monitors and keyboards. (Where to you write your passwords?)
  • An important tool on any work bench is an adhesive pad for jotting measurements and notes. Good to remind your home repair business about that.

Think about how often and just how you use Stik-ON® pads. Personal experiences make for compelling ways to make adhesive notes work.

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