Time is now to help schools with ideas that work

The good news for kids is school will soon be out for the summer. For those of us in the Promotional Products Industry, the good news planning is underway for the next school year.

School Calendar artNow is the ideal time to help your schools — be they elementary schools, high schools, colleges or wherever education takes place — by helping them prepare for the upcoming school year. Here’s some ideas for economical products that help boost school spirit, help with fund raising and spread information about the upcoming year.

  • Magnets — Sports schedules, mascot images for lockers and vehicles, emergency numbers, school staff contact information.
  • Calendars — Customize a school calendar of events. Every inch of our calendars can be customized.
  • Laminated Cards — Schedules, parking permits, signage, wallet cards with emergency numbers.
  • Hand Fans — Perfect spirit boosters for hot fall sports events and gatherings in the auditorium.
  • Magnetic Memo Boards — The refrigerator is the best space ever for school families to leave and receive messages.
  • Stickers / Decals — Help sports team show their spirit on notebooks, lockers, equipment bags, car windows and more.
  • Mailers — Brightly colored post cards an ideal way to deliver messages and schedules directly to the hands of constituents.
  • Banners — Bright banners promote special events, help identify seating areas and show off team spirit.
  • Notpads — What better way to welcome back students and teachers with colorful and customized notepads?
  • Folders — Presentation folders with school colors and images let everyone carry their papers with pride.
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Magnets ideal reminders to 'Save the Date'

Top-of-the-line TradeNet magnets perfect save-the-date reminders

Magnets bring attention to your customers’ special day. These durable, brilliantly bright magnets are easily personalized with photos and designs or your choosing. Create your own online or let us help. At TradeNet, it’s all about delivering Your Message Your Way®!

Think Save-the-Date Magnets in 2015

  • Weddings
  • Birth announcements
  • Retirements
  • Sales events
  • Reunions
  • Graduation
  • Anniversaries
  • Greetings
  • Moving day
  • Grand openings
  • Party announcements
  • Season’s greetings
  • Community events
  • Birthdays

Greetings and Salutations!

There are good reasons your clients should buy their holiday cards from you and not on the Internet.

Your customer can purchase 100 stock greeting cards on the Internet for $240.00 and not be assured that their selection will not be chosen by their competitors as well. They can buy 100 FULLY CUSTOM FULL COLOR Greeting Cards from you and be assured that theirs is the only one with their message for $155.00 (C).


For an $85.00 savings, they are guaranteed that their message will be their way! The savings are even more pronounced at higher quantities. Plus, when you discuss their end-of-year client gifts, you will already have artwork and design input that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Let's Table This Information!

It is getting to be a lot like Summer.

With events, festivals, concerts, cook-off’s, and hundreds of other publicity intensive programs happening, there are a few really good promotional items that sell at this time of year.

One of these is the venerable Table Tent (item #6100). This commonly seen product advertises everything from beer to baklava to happy hour specials in restaurants and bars all over the world.

The Table Tent also has a use in event marketing. It is an inexpensive way to let people know when things are happening where ever they sit and spend time. Put your “Pancake Breakfast” ad on every break room table in the company. Announce your “Book Fair” to every reader in the library. Invite a few thousand diners to your “Taste of the City” get together on the table of every participating restaurant and eatery. Make sure the joint is hopping at your “Music Festival.”

Wherever there is a flat surface that attracts eyes, a Table Tent gives valuable information. And, since all flat sheet printed TradeNet products include FULL-COLOR printing on both sides at no additional cost, the inside of the Table Tent can be used for more information or a second event, saving time and advertising money!

Ask around your community for the people who are organizing the events and festivals in the area and show the Table Tent (item #6100) from TradeNet. They will be glad you did!

A Custom Fit

A major bicycle manufacturer created a CUSTOM SHAPE MAGNET. The magnet featured one of their sponsored athletes. The magnet included shapes of the bicycle, the athlete and various outfits you could punch out. Fans of the athlete and sport could proudly display her likeness and bicycle around and have fun dressing her up on any metallic surface.

A Variety of Ideas

A Safety Program Manager used TRI-FOLD LAMINATED WALLET CARDS to display a range of stretching and warm-up exercises for employees. The list of activities were to prevent aches and pains throughout the work day.

A city used MAGNA-PEEL POSTCARDS with MAGNETS to promote their new recycling initiative. On the postcard was a challenge to residents to recycle 1/2 pounds per person per day. The Magnet listed items that could and could not be recycled, along with a website and information hot line.
A couple use a MAGNA-PHRASE MAGNET to announce their upcoming wedding. The phrase magnet was made up of words from their life together, and the magnet showcased the couple and the “save the date” information.
A city zoo used LAMINATED CARDS to announce the zoo schedule for the upcoming year. Special events, website and phone number were highlighted on the card.
A pizza place used WRITE-ON/WIPE-OFF MAGNETIC MEMO BOARDS to hand out to prospective and current customers. On the front was the logo, website, and phone number with plenty of space to write memos. On the back was a menu showcasing the restaurant’s myriad of choices and prices.

Great Ideas for Festivals

A local community outdoor festival used a variety of products to get the word out about their upcoming three-day event.

  • FULL-COLOR POSTERS were used to announce the dates, times, website, a partial list of events and sponsors, and the headliner for the celebration.
  • FULL-COLOR TABLE TENTS were distributed throughout the community and beyond and worked as the poster to announce the dates, times, website, sponsors and headliner on one side, and a list of activities for the weekend on the other side.
  • FULL-COLOR DOOR HANGERS were distributed through the community with the event information.
  • FULL-COLOR TAGS were given to festival workers as ID badges and also as backstage passes.
  • FULL-COLOR CAR MAGNETS were used for festival organizers, and also to promote the festival while driving around.
  • FULL-COLOR FLYERS were imprinted with vendors, locations, sponsors, activities list, music line-up and a festival map, tri-folded and handed out the days of the event.

Great Ideas for Family & Friends

The Smiths used FULL-COLOR MAGNETS to remind family members of the reunion date and place.

Joy and Bill used the HAND FANS to announce their engagement and summer wedding.

The Green’s used large FULL-COLOR MAGNETS to announce their new grandchild.

The Schwartz’s used DOOR HANGERS to announce their twins (one on each side).

The Millers used FULL-COLOR MAGNETS to announce their move to a new address and to send out Season’s Greetings to family and friends during the holiday season.

The Harts used FULL-COLOR MAGNETS to announce a new addition to their family.

A family used FULL-COLOR CUSTOM SHAPE HAND FANS (in the shape of his head) to congratulate their son.