Think TradeNet when thinking magnets

Magnet imageMagnet messaging from TradeNet is magic

It’s really no secret why TradeNet has emerged as the top producer of magnets for the promotional products industry. When it comes to pricing, quality and service, there’s no beating the overall value of the Your Message Your Way® line of magnets as produced by TradeNet.

TradeNet has perfected the magnet production process from start to finish. Customers are assured of getting a durable, brilliant color magnet for virtually all messaging purposes. Indoor. Outdoor. Large. Small. Custom shaped. Picture frames. Automotive. And more!

Plus, TradeNet does not charge set-up or four-color processing fees, offers free art time and gives discounts for online ordering. Various thicknesses allow customer choice. Delivery is prompt and all associated freight charges are known at the time the order is placed. No surprises!

Magnets remain a great marketing tool because they deliver customized messaging day in and day out. When a magnet has creative flair, color that “pops” and strong stick, be assured it’s from TradeNet.

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Custom-shape magnets now at super low prices

Custom Mag
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Slashed die charges result in industry-leading pricing for custom-shape magnets

Custom-shaped magnets stand out from the crowd. TradeNet has made them even more affordable by cutting die charges by 50 percent.

While other suppliers promote “no die or tooling charges,” typically the die charge is built into the price and buyers pay for it again and again with repeat order. Not so with TradeNet. Custom dies are now a $96 (net) one-time charge. (Previous price was $220 Net.) There’s no additional die charge for repeat orders and TradeNet stores the die for Free.

We remain the industry leader with high-quality custom-shaped magnets. Be sure to ask us about free customizable marketing materials that help you sell custom-shape magnets and other great Your Message Your Way® by TradeNet products.


Spring into sales with Real Estate products

Marketing is all about: Location! Location! Location!

RE Magnet
Smile! Magnets great way to put power in your message. CLICK to view

Real estate professionals understand the importance of being top of mind when it comes to generating business. TradeNet products put you in locations where your name, image and message are often seen and always remembered. Be in the right place when customers are looking for help.

Check out our wide range of Your Message Your Way® products today. Here’s a sampling of your customers who will be interested:

  • Moving companies
  • Bankers / Lenders
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Insurance Companies
  • Maid Services
  • Builders
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Fence Builders
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Landscaping / Lawn Care
  • Painters & Plumbers
  • Garage Door Installers
  • Home Security
  • Storage Unit Facilities



Think 'hearts' for February (not the Valentine kind)

Healthcare promotional products well suited to February

Calorie Chart
Wallet Card – Balanced Diet Chart

TradeNet has just what the doctor ordered, either stock or customized:

  • Wallet cards – Perfect for calorie counters and workout enthusiasts
  • Stik-ON Notes – Include health tips along with your logo on notes that stik
  • Memo boards – Great shapes with usable health tips
  • Direct mail – Deliver your healthy message where counts: the mailbox!

Be kind to your heart by boosting sales. Let TradeNet help by delivering Your Message Your Way.

A Custom Fit

A major bicycle manufacturer created a CUSTOM SHAPE MAGNET. The magnet featured one of their sponsored athletes. The magnet included shapes of the bicycle, the athlete and various outfits you could punch out. Fans of the athlete and sport could proudly display her likeness and bicycle around and have fun dressing her up on any metallic surface.