Orange ya glad for direct mail magnet calendars

MagnaPeel w Magnet

Direct mail definitely works (but don’t tell your competition!)

Here at TradeNet we’re entering the calendar production season. The new year is only a few months away and this is the time of year when TradeNet’s high-quality calendar products are very much in demand.

Magna Peel w-o MagnetHelping remind our distributors about calendar order time was a large and colorful Magna-Peel® postcard. If the oranges didn’t get attention, then the peel-off 2014 magnet certainly did the trick. Magna-Peel® laminated post cards give extra impact to bulk mail marketing. The magnet is adhered to the card, putting your magnet and message directly into customers’ hands. Juicy stuff, indeed!

TradeNet offers a variety of postcard options. We’ll customize your direct mail per your specifications and USPS compliance standards.

And then there’s those magnets! And calendars! Oh, my!

Now's the time (or date) to connect with direct mail

DM Ideas

Make a date with your customers

Now’s the time to remind customers of the positive impact crated with a high-quality direct mail piece. This is the time of year when a calendar for the upcoming year is appreciated and remembered. (Can you believe 2014 is only months away?!)

Make a positive impression by putting a 2014 calendar in customers’ mailboxes. We recommend:

  • Laminated and UV-Coated Postcards
  • Magna-Seal
  • Magna-Peel
  • Magna-Fold

By George! Great promotions found for under $1!

Pennies count for plenty with customized Under-a-Dollar catalog

Under a Dollar pic

Promotional products distributors know full well their customers are always on the lookout for promotional products that make an impact yet don’t break the bank. It’s why there’s always high demand for TradeNet’s “Great Products for Under a Dollar” promotional booklet.

Let’s correct that last sentence. It’s really not TradeNet’s booklet. It actually belongs to distributors. The piece is fully customizable — front and back — so distributors can make it their own  promotional sales piece. At no charge, TradeNet will print distributors’ logos and contact information on both sides of the booklet. For a minimal fee, TradeNet will even mail the piece directly to distributors’ customer lists. It’s yet another example of allowing distributors and their customers to present “Your Message Your Way.”

Even better, the products included within are among the most popular Your Message Your Way products. Made in the USA, they’re of a high quality that belies the reasonable cost. You’ll find:

  • Magnets
  • Memo Boards
  • Magna-Peel Postcards
  • Hand Fans
  • Stik-On Notes
  • Slinky Notes (a TradeNet exclusive)
  • Magnetic Calendars
  • And more!

More details at Or reply right here and we’ll help get your order placed.

Direct Mail Works


3.6 – The percent by which the Direct Marketing Association expects direct mail spending to rise each year between 2010 and 2014. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2011)
65% – Percentage of consumers who have made a purchase as a result of direct mail. (Exact Target 2012 Channel Preference Survey)
55.5% – The percentage of total mail pieces in 2011 attributed to direct mail. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2012)
51.4% – of consumers read postcards delivered by mail. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2011)
52.4% – of consumers read direct mail from merchants. More than 53% found merchant mail “useful,” while 16.8% responded to merchant mail offers. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2011)
6% – Percent of B-to-B marketers who responded that direct mail is “Very effective” — the same as social media and print advertising. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2012)
10% – Percentage of B-to-B budgets that CMOs and other senior marketers allocated to direct mail last year. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2012)
17.2% – The portion of polled consumers who in 2009 said they would respond to a postcard ad or a request for donation. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2011)
167.9 billion – The number of pieces of mail processed by the U.S. Postal Service in 2011. (DMA Statistical Fact Book 2011)
79% – The percentage of professionals who consider direct mail to be “effective” or “very effective.” ( Direct Mail Statistics Show B2B Mailing are Still Effective)

Check out our Made in the U.S.A. Direct Mail Products today!

Make the Message Stick!

A message that sticks remains persistently in one’s mind; becomes convincing, established, or regarded as valid; adheres or clings to a substance or surface to be seen; and is why promotional full-color magnets work.

A recent Direct Marketing Association report stated that a postcard with a magnet attached is read at least 50% MORE OFTEN than other direct mail.

Full-color postcard with full-color magnets are the perfect way to increase your customer’s direct mail response.

A message that sticks has the best chance to succeed.