Sports schedules make great year-end selling tool

Don’t miss opportunity to let popular sport schedules deliver your message

Sport schedule magnets
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Guess what’s getting ready to tee up? That’s right, the professional golf season. Followed closely by racing, soccer and baseball. All popular first-of-the-year sports that represent ideal opportunities to put your brand in the hands of appreciative fans.

Buyers will thank your for recommending inexpensive-yet-high-quality sports schedule magnets from TradeNet. While the competition gets caught up in the holidays, you’ll be able to kick off the new year with such dynamic TradeNet products as:

  • Add-Your-Business-Card Magnetic Schedules
  • 4×7 Magnets Schedules, the ideal size for any refrigerator door
  • House-shaped magnets for our real estate friends
  • Baseball-theme shapes ideal to capitalize on popularity of national pastime

‘Tis the time to talk sports! And generate sales!

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