Top Seller: Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Memo Boards deliver with every trip to the fridge

memo_signatureNothing stays in style like a product that generates great results and has proven value. Case in point: The magnetic Dry Erase Memo Board. A TradeNet classic, the venerable Write On/Wipe Off Memo Board remains a top seller. Its common-sense functionality and high visibility are ideal for delivering messages day in and day out. It delivers messages and notes and reminders where the entire family goes multiple times a day: The Refrigerator! CLICK NOW!

There’s more. Full-color printing is available at no extra charge for the back of your Dry Erase Board. It’s in ideal place to present extended messages and resource information. Stock options are available but the space is yours. Be creative!

It’s ideal for all types of end users:

  • Healthcare — Perfect for health tips and emergency numbers.
  • Carry out/delivery restaurants — Put  your logo and your contact info where it’s sure to make an impact… On the refrigerator door!
  • Real Estate — Leave messages for open house visitors.
  • Schools — Your school’s logo is perfect backdrop for every-day family messaging and reminders.
  • Recyclers — Remind customers that every day is a great day to recycle.
  • Legal Services — The attorney who gets called is the one whose name is most recognized.
  • Insurance — Stay in front of current and future policy holders.
  • Car repair — When a vehicle needs service, be the number that’s seen every day.

Remember: Low-cost Dry Erase Memo Boards do more for your customers!

2016 cards rock with your logo

Everybody loves big, colorful and low-cost calendar cards

Cal Card imageIf you’re looking for a way to make a splash with lasting impact, think BIG. Sturdy and colorful 8.5×11 laminated cards are absolutely perfect for calendars and provide lots of room — front and back — for your messaging.  And they’re great for mailers! No missing these over-sized colorful cards in the mailbox.

  • Full color at one-color price.
  • Every bit of space can be customized.
  • Perfect holiday season hand-out
  • “You can borrow my calendar but bring it back!”




Think TradeNet when thinking magnets

Magnet imageMagnet messaging from TradeNet is magic

It’s really no secret why TradeNet has emerged as the top producer of magnets for the promotional products industry. When it comes to pricing, quality and service, there’s no beating the overall value of the Your Message Your Way® line of magnets as produced by TradeNet.

TradeNet has perfected the magnet production process from start to finish. Customers are assured of getting a durable, brilliant color magnet for virtually all messaging purposes. Indoor. Outdoor. Large. Small. Custom shaped. Picture frames. Automotive. And more!

Plus, TradeNet does not charge set-up or four-color processing fees, offers free art time and gives discounts for online ordering. Various thicknesses allow customer choice. Delivery is prompt and all associated freight charges are known at the time the order is placed. No surprises!

Magnets remain a great marketing tool because they deliver customized messaging day in and day out. When a magnet has creative flair, color that “pops” and strong stick, be assured it’s from TradeNet.

Visit for product views and ideas.



TradeNet adds presentation folder to product line

Presentation FolderYou asked. TradeNet delivers!

If there’s any single product missing from TradeNet’s extensive line-up of printed promotional products, a case could be made it was a presentation folder. Place emphasis on the word “was.” As of now, a folder has been added to the mix.

Presentation Folder 2
Click Images for More Info

You can now think of TradeNet when looking for a fully-customizable, full-color presentation folder. Our folder is 9×12 when closed and comes with two glued four-inch interior pockets. Of course, slits on either inside pocket can be included for presentation of your business card. (TradeNet makes business cards, too!) You’ll be impressed with the brilliant color that’s enhanced by a high-gloss finish.

Folders are ideal for presenting materials and delivering your messages. Prospective customers include banks, insurance, real estate, travel agencies, organizations, schools and just about anyone who wants to make a lasting impression while keeping papers, flyers and brochures in a handy, functional folder.

Email to request samples:

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Resolve to start new year with Stik-ON® orders


TradeNet’s notes help your customers’ messages Stik!

Let’s see… How does one remind one’s self to bring up Stik-ON® Pads when talking about great promotional ideas for the new year? A Stik-ON®, of course. TN’s notes have just the right amount of adhesive cling and come in a variety of sizes and shapes with full-color printing available. There’s no better way to get a message across than to make it Stik!

Put Stik-ON® Pads on your list of 2014 ideas. Grocery lists. Notes. Messages. Reminders. Stik-ON® Pads are another way TradeNet helps deliver Your Message Your Way™.

'Hit the Wall' all year long with 2014 calendars

Wall Calendars - CustomHelp your customers hang with you for 365 days (or more)

TradeNet knows calendars. TradeNet knows now is the time to order our top-of-the -line wall calendars so they’re ready to hang when the new year rolls around.

We have all sorts of colorful and appealing wall calendars to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that works for you. Better yet, you can create your own custom calendar with a personalized cover and custom images for each month. Personalize the bottom of each month with your custom imprint. Good stuff!

TradeNet’s calendars are printed in full-color (four-color process) on high-quality glossy stock. The covers are UV coated to help impress. (Wall calendars are 11×17 open and 8.5×11 closed.)

Click on the image for a peek !

Now's the time (or date) to connect with direct mail

DM Ideas

Make a date with your customers

Now’s the time to remind customers of the positive impact crated with a high-quality direct mail piece. This is the time of year when a calendar for the upcoming year is appreciated and remembered. (Can you believe 2014 is only months away?!)

Make a positive impression by putting a 2014 calendar in customers’ mailboxes. We recommend:

  • Laminated and UV-Coated Postcards
  • Magna-Seal
  • Magna-Peel
  • Magna-Fold

Great Ideas for Food Services

A catering company used the MAGNA-PEEL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS to send a “Keep Our Number!” handy for company parties and events.

A restaurant uses NOTE PADS with their contact information and logo on it.

A grocery store uses MAGNA-PAD™ Grocery List note pads with their contact information on the attached business card magnet to hand out to customers.

Six restaurants in a city block sent MAGNA-PEEL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS with their delivery phone numbers. They used the postcard to indicate hours of operation.

A local bar and grill used Full-Color TABLE TENTS to display monthly specials, deals, and a calendar of events.

A pizza restaurant used MAGNA-PEEL™ POSTCARDS WITH MAGNETS mailed to carrier route sort lists to announce phone numbers and location of their nearest branch to residences and businesses.

A coffeehouse uses Full-Color TABLE TENTS to display their most popular drink choices for fast and easy ordering.

A cafe used Full-Color WALLET CARDS with stock balanced diet chart on the backside to promote their menu and give there customers a handy tool to use. Other alternative backside imprints could be a Tip Chart, a partial menu, dine-in coupons, or catering service and ordering number.