Hand 'em a Fan : Message Delivered!

Festival season approaches. More sales a breeze with hand fans.

TradeNet has perfected the summer’s most efficient message delivery product with its value-priced, high quality hand fans.

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These fans are durable and the brilliant colors (at one-color pricing) are protected by laminated coating. Printing is on both sides and the wooden handle is affixed without use of ugly, clothes-snagging staples. Made in the USA? Of course!

Hand fans are great for summer festivals and parades. Don’t stop there. Also consider their use wherever you’re looking for fans of your message;

  • Sporting events
  • Schools and Universities
  • Fund-raisers
  • Churches
  • Weddings
  • Elections
  • Concerts
  • Farmers Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Health Fairs



Sports schedules make great year-end selling tool

Don’t miss opportunity to let popular sport schedules deliver your message

Sport schedule magnets
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Guess what’s getting ready to tee up? That’s right, the professional golf season. Followed closely by racing, soccer and baseball. All popular first-of-the-year sports that represent ideal opportunities to put your brand in the hands of appreciative fans.

Buyers will thank your for recommending inexpensive-yet-high-quality sports schedule magnets from TradeNet. While the competition gets caught up in the holidays, you’ll be able to kick off the new year with such dynamic TradeNet products as:

  • Add-Your-Business-Card Magnetic Schedules
  • 4×7 Magnets Schedules, the ideal size for any refrigerator door
  • House-shaped magnets for our real estate friends
  • Baseball-theme shapes ideal to capitalize on popularity of national pastime

‘Tis the time to talk sports! And generate sales!

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Fan your message while it's still hot

Hand fan 2 072513In case you haven’t noticed, it’s still summer out there. Expectations are that the heat will last through August. And September. And who knows how long?

Hand fans are a great way to get your information in front of appreciative audiences in need of a quick cool down. With only eight days production time, there’s still time to keep your message “handy.” Think fall sports and booster clubs. Alumni gatherings. Parades. Festivals. Weddings. Church gatherings. Office parties. Concerts. County fairs. Craft shows. And any event where your message can help attendees beat the heat.

TradeNet hand fans are printed in full-color on both sides and laminated for maximum durability. Lots of room for creativity and color. Don’t sweat it!