Hot summer promos start at under a buck

Festival (and election) season approaches. Help customers boost their aim!

TradeNet has the edge when it comes to economically delivering your customers’ messages at this summer’s popular festivals, fairs and parades.


Start with the industry’s best hand fans. Our fans are durable and the brilliant colors (at one-color pricing) are protected by laminated coating. Printing is on both sides and the wooden handle is affixed without use of ugly, clothes-snagging staples. Made in the USA? Of course!

Don’t stop there. TradeNet posters, magnets, bumper stickers, flyers, banners and more all put your message directly in the hands of appreciative audiences. Perfect for:

  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Schools and Universities
  • Fund-raisers
  • Churches
  • Weddings
  • Elections
  • Concerts
  • Farmers Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Health Fairs

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New hand fan shape perfect in pink

Ribbon shape ideal for special events and causes

Hand Fan - Ribbon
Hand Fans Great for Summer – CLICK!

Ribbons of all colors represent hope, consideration and appreciation. Now the iconic ribbon shape is available in one of the summer’s best and most economical products, the hand fan.

Hand fans represent a fun and useful way to get messages in front of like-minded and supportive audiences. Theses USA-made fans are printed in full color on both sides and laminated for maximum durability. There’s no need to worry about snagging clothes or scratching skin, as the wooden handles are attached by a strong adhesive and NOT by staples. These fans are ideal for cure-for-cancer fundraisers, churches, weddings, parades and much more.

Check out our great Hand Fans and new Awareness Ribbon shape (Item No. 2714L)

Think TradeNet when thinking magnets

Magnet imageMagnet messaging from TradeNet is magic

It’s really no secret why TradeNet has emerged as the top producer of magnets for the promotional products industry. When it comes to pricing, quality and service, there’s no beating the overall value of the Your Message Your Way® line of magnets as produced by TradeNet.

TradeNet has perfected the magnet production process from start to finish. Customers are assured of getting a durable, brilliant color magnet for virtually all messaging purposes. Indoor. Outdoor. Large. Small. Custom shaped. Picture frames. Automotive. And more!

Plus, TradeNet does not charge set-up or four-color processing fees, offers free art time and gives discounts for online ordering. Various thicknesses allow customer choice. Delivery is prompt and all associated freight charges are known at the time the order is placed. No surprises!

Magnets remain a great marketing tool because they deliver customized messaging day in and day out. When a magnet has creative flair, color that “pops” and strong stick, be assured it’s from TradeNet.

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When mags needed NOW, TradeNet delivers

Get great pricing with fast turn on low-cost magnets

There are times when folks need that special promotional magnet yesterday. TradeNet may not be able to back up the clock, but  can make sure that magnet is in your hands tomorrow.

One mags
Fast click, fast delivery

One-day-ship magnets are just the ticket when time is of the essence and expense remains top of mind. TradeNet  magnets are of top quality and feature brilliant color reproduction. One-day-ship magnets deliver your message fast, but best of all the message is sure to last.

Fast-ship magnets ideal for:

  • Procrastinating customers who can’t make up their minds.
  • Last-minute events when there’s a need to impress.
  • Sudden changes in scheduling.
  • Calendar time.
  • Great to include with holiday greeting cards.
  • Perfect for save -the-date reminders
  • “Lo and behold! We still have budget for this event. What can we order that get’s here fast?”
  • Impressing a new employee with their own magnetic business cards on their first day on the job.
  • “Is there still time to order a magnet to go in this mailer?”

Remember: One-day-ship magnets ship one day after order and artwork is received. Order and artwork must be received by 5 p.m. CST to ship next business day. Imprint must be four-color process. Copy changes and proofs are not available.

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Hand 'em a Fan : Message Delivered!

Festival season approaches. More sales a breeze with hand fans.

TradeNet has perfected the summer’s most efficient message delivery product with its value-priced, high quality hand fans.

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These fans are durable and the brilliant colors (at one-color pricing) are protected by laminated coating. Printing is on both sides and the wooden handle is affixed without use of ugly, clothes-snagging staples. Made in the USA? Of course!

Hand fans are great for summer festivals and parades. Don’t stop there. Also consider their use wherever you’re looking for fans of your message;

  • Sporting events
  • Schools and Universities
  • Fund-raisers
  • Churches
  • Weddings
  • Elections
  • Concerts
  • Farmers Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Health Fairs



Great season sellers: low-price, high quality hand fans


Professional full-color fans at one-color pricing

Leave a strong first impression. TradeNet’s full-color, high-quality hand fans do more than keep things cool, they make your customers look good.

Hand Fans are great for schools, churches, sporting events, parades or fundraisers. (Did someone mention this is an election year?) Printed in full color on both sides and laminated for maximum durability. Great shapes to choose from. Super low prices.

Also for your fanning pleasure: Fun and attention-getting SlapFans. They SMACK when slapped. Priced as low as 70 cents.



Plan ahead with TN's promo themes for 2014

TradeNet announces promotional themes for coming year

Certainly you’re thinking about surviving the holiday season. And then there’s January and the busy trade show season. (The PPAI EXPO is sooner than you think!)

Promo ScheduleBe advised that heading into the new year with a plan of action will make things all the easier and, ideally, more profitable. TradeNet has prepared its Promo Schedule for 2014, with monthly themes and week-by-week products worthy of mention to end buyers.  The themes are based on three months down the road, so there’s plenty of time to place orders and have them delivered when the timing is right.

Visit Or… CLICK HERE! The 2014 Promo Calendar is at your disposal.

Think Pink as October approaches

Mini-Memo Board carries big message where it counts.
Mini-Memo Board carries big message where it counts.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. A variety of reasonably priced products from TradeNet can help make audiences aware of breast cancer as well as remind them of ways to get the word out about fundraising events, health care screenings, self-examination information and general community outreach.

Pink is the preferred color for breast cancer awareness. Appropriately themed product also fit into the awareness mix. A few ideas on putting good products to work for a good cause:

  • Healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies and agencies can convey well-meaning concern and reminders with themed memo boards (as illustrated by image), magnets, Stick-On Note Pads and brochures.
  • Restaurants can offer themed coupons via direct mail pieces. Placemats and coasters also serve as reminders.
  • Event organizers will appreciate pink ribbon awareness magnets and save-the-date magnets, door hangers, posters, banners, flyers and stickers.
  • Health and social agencies can distribute brochures and laminated information cards.

Many people are doing their best to make others aware of breast cancer helping win the battle. Promotional products can assist in that worthwhile cause.

Fan your message while it's still hot

Hand fan 2 072513In case you haven’t noticed, it’s still summer out there. Expectations are that the heat will last through August. And September. And who knows how long?

Hand fans are a great way to get your information in front of appreciative audiences in need of a quick cool down. With only eight days production time, there’s still time to keep your message “handy.” Think fall sports and booster clubs. Alumni gatherings. Parades. Festivals. Weddings. Church gatherings. Office parties. Concerts. County fairs. Craft shows. And any event where your message can help attendees beat the heat.

TradeNet hand fans are printed in full-color on both sides and laminated for maximum durability. Lots of room for creativity and color. Don’t sweat it!