Slinky®! Slinky®! Winner! Winner!

TradeNet’s Slinky® Notes voted “Most Fun” at ASI Orlando Show Product Showcase

Click to see Slinky machine in action
Click to see Slinky machine in action

There’s something about a Slinky® toy that puts a smile on people’s faces. Obviously the same is true for TradeNet’s version of the Slinky® brand, our variety being in the form of Adhesive Notes. Slinky® Adhesive Notes were voted winners of the “Most Fun” category in the popular Product Showcase at the recent ASI Show in Orlando.

Helping the Slinky® Notes stand out from the scores of unique promotional products on display in the ASI showcase is a mechanical device that actually demonstrates how Slinky® Notes actually work like its namesake. The display certainly attracts attention and is routinely captured on smart phone videos. (Best if all, it directs Show attendees to TradeNet’s booth!)

TradeNet is the exclusive seller of Slinky® Adhesive Notes with alternating repositionable adhesive at the top of each note. The pads can be ordered in 50- and 100-sheet pads. (Higher per-pad sheet counts can be custom ordered.) Standard and custom shapes available. Notes are printed with four-color process on the front and spot color on the back. Click here for more information.

By the way… Who out there remembers the song from the old Slinky® television commercials?

Great seeing you at ASI Show!

Scott Perry and Nowell Wisch represent TradeNet at 2013 ASI Show in Chicago
Scott Perry and Nowell Wisch represent TradeNet at 2013 ASI Show in Chicago

It didn’t take “Your Message Your Way” long to make a big splash. The slogan was well received by the scores of distributors of promotional products who stopped by TradeNet’s exhibit at the 2013 ASI Show in Chicago.

The ASI Show was a grand success from TradeNet’s vantage point. It’s always great to make face-to-face connections with distributors regardless of their familiarity with TradeNet’s product lines… which most were. Making the ASI Show unique was being able to introduce preview copies of TradeNet’s upcoming full-line catalog and the ability to for distributors to make the catalog their own under the  “Your Message Your Way” banner.

For those who stopped by, we’ll soon be sending out the catalogs, samples and other information you requested. Happy to do so!

Next stop for the  “Your Message Your Way” program: SAAC Show in Long Beach on August 7-8.