Go ZOOMing with customizable marketing flyers

TradeNet adds five new flyers to ZOOM Catalog to help you boost sales

Your customers appreciate getting great ideas to help improve brand awareness and to increase product sales. TradeNet has loaded marketing flyers into the  ZOOM Catalog website that make it easy to put economical products to work.

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If you’re already using ZOOM, then you know how easy it is to locate and customize flyers. If new to ZOOM, Click Here.  Then located the personalized flyer tab and search for TradeNet. You’ll find five flyers waiting for your logo and ready to email directly to your customers.

Check ZOOM for these free TradeNet flyers:

  • Stik-ON® and Slinky@ Adhesive Notes. Best stickies in the industry and also at industry-leading prices. (Only TradeNet has Slinky® brand notes!)
  • Memo Boards. Your messages seen with every visit to the fridge.
  • Business Cards (Magnetic and Paper). Your name and information stand out with brilliant colors and quality printing. Make it a magnet to really be remembered.
  • Wall Calendars. Don’t settle for stock images when your message is seen every day. Every inch of TradeNet’s bright calendars can be customized.
  • Magna-Peel Postcards. Direct mail represents one of the best ways to invest marketing pennies. Add a peel-off magnet to the mix and your mailbox message delivers all year long.


New low-price business card option from TradeNet

Save with uncoated card without skimping on color

Business Card 5000
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TradeNet is always looking for ways to help distributors make the sale. Now available at super-low pricing are uncoated paper business cards. Same brilliant full-color printing on the front of the card. Same extra-thick paper stock. As always with TradeNet, your order comes with great customer service and made-in-the-USA assurance. That’s something you and the end user won’t get from those bulk business card suppliers.

TradeNet makes sure your business cards Deliver Your Message Your Way®.  With this new economy business card, you can save money at the same time.