TradeNet desk pad calendars feature full color, low prices

12- and 15-month, full-color desk calendars priced to sell

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TradeNet’s newest product offering is perfectly timed for the 2015 calendar season. These impressive and functional 22″ x 17″ desk pad calendars are ideal for delivering Your Message Your Way® on an ongoing basis. While your customers are keeping track of pressing appointments and daily reminders, your logo and message are always top of mind.

Color counts!  That’s why TradeNet Desk Pad Calendars feature full-color printing. Every inch of every page of this product is customizable, so your customers can bring attention to timely information and date reminders throughout the year.

TradeNet Desk Pad Calendars are perfect for home and office use. Anywhere there’s a desk, there’s a place for this high-power message delivery product. Color your desk calender orders with quality printing, prompt delivery and value pricing.

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Best-value custom calendars come from TradeNet

Every inch of TradeNet’s low-price, high-quality calendars can be customized

Now’s the time to put 2015 calendars on your selling list. Be sure to start with TradeNet-produced calendars. That’s where you’re certain to find the best all-around value.

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TradeNet has a variety of calendar options. A top seller has always been our 13-month, fully customized Wall Calendar featuring brilliant full-color production that opens into an 11×17, year-around message deliverer. (An equally bright 8.5×11 version is also available.) TradeNet calendars also come as:

  • Laminated Cards. Durable. Functional. Mailable. Memorable.
  • Magnets. Variety of sizes and shapes showcases messages and your creativity.
  • Desk Calendars. This new product line is priced to sell. 12- and 15-month available.

While each of these calendar options can be customized as needed, TradeNet also has a variety of stock calendar designs. And, as always, expect full color at one-color pricing, 30 minutes of free art setup, free online proofs and free samples upon request. Always expect fast turnaround from TradeNet.

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