Showing YMYW muscle at PPAM

PPAM Show.Steve.Gardner 091813
BE ASSERTIVE! Steve Hale and Gardner Hart represented the powerful line of TradeNet products at the PPAM Show.

TradeNet makes most of end-user show in Kansas City

Sometimes the best shows are close to home. Certainly TradeNet welcomed the opportunity to take part in an end-user show as sponsored by the Promotional Products Association Midwest (PPAM) as took place this week at the Overland Park Convention Center in suburban Kansas City. The location was less than 20 miles from TradeNet’s headquarters and manufacturing plant.

Distributors attending the PPAM show invited and escorted “end users” to give them an opportunity to meet with area suppliers and to get a hands-on look at product samples and gain a better understanding of how their specific needs for customization can be met. The TradeNet booth proved to be a popular stop for several reasons, including the show being the first public roll-out of the fully customizable full-line Your Message Your Way┬« catalog.

No doubt the engaging personalities of the TradeNet team added to the booth’s attraction. At the show from TradeNet were Scott Perry, Gardner Hart and Steve Hale.

Think Pink as October approaches

Mini-Memo Board carries big message where it counts.
Mini-Memo Board carries big message where it counts.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. A variety of reasonably priced products from TradeNet can help make audiences aware of breast cancer as well as remind them of ways to get the word out about fundraising events, health care screenings, self-examination information and general community outreach.

Pink is the preferred color for breast cancer awareness. Appropriately themed product also fit into the awareness mix. A few ideas on putting good products to work for a good cause:

  • Healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies and agencies can convey well-meaning concern and reminders with themed memo boards (as illustrated by image), magnets, Stick-On Note Pads and brochures.
  • Restaurants can offer themed coupons via direct mail pieces. Placemats and coasters also serve as reminders.
  • Event organizers will appreciate pink ribbon awareness magnets and save-the-date magnets, door hangers, posters, banners, flyers and stickers.
  • Health and social agencies can distribute brochures and laminated information cards.

Many people are doing their best to make others aware of breast cancer helping win the battle. Promotional products can assist in that worthwhile cause.