Vickie's pie was the apple of TN's eye

TN Apple Team
LET THE JUDGING BEGIN — TradeNet’s Applefest judging team, from left: Jay Elliott, Debbie Evans, Gardner Hart, Colby Miller, Wes Cromer, Scott Perry and Vickie Greener.

First Annual Applefest was a tasty success!

When Scott Perry, Director of Pre-Production Services, brought in a box of freshly picked apples for the Customer Service gang, the competition was on. Seems our CS department likes competition as much as tasty treats. Who can turn Scott’s apples into the best pie or dessert dish?

When the entries came in, the easy part proved to be recruiting judges. The hard part then proved to be picking a winner. Our CS chefs have mastered the art of making excellent apple dishes.

The winner was none other than Vickie Greener. Vickie admittedly benefitted from a bit of beginner’s luck. The winning pie was the first she’d ever made!

Since Scott apparently has ready access to an apple orchard, the “Applefest” competition will be annual. Sweet!

Debbie and Vicki.jpg
Debbie and Vickie prepare the entries for battle.

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