Truckin' along with Promotional Products Week


Wonderscope Delivery Crew 0314
TN TRUCKERS – These TradeNetters were part of a team that delivered more than 18,000 wooden toy trucks to Wonderscope Childrens Museum of Kansas City. CLICK TO ENLARGE

TradeNet crew delivers the goods to Wonderscope

OK… So we’re jumping the gun a little bit. But when word got around that Promotional Products Week is coming up in April, the civic-minded folks at TradeNet just couldn’t wait.

A team of TradeNet volunteers loaded up thousands of wooden toy trucks and toy truck components and personally delivered the fun loot to Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City. The wood toys were welcomed at Wonderscope, located in Shawnee, Kan., where hands-on learning activities and arts-and-crafts classes are part of the educational experience. Estimated value of the toys was more than $10,000.

Each year, thousands of companies across the country celebrate Promotional Products Work! Week, this year observed from April 21-25.  They represent distributors, suppliers, multi-line representatives, business services providers and regional associations. In conjunction with the event, TradeNet designated a day of service to support a local charity. Wonderscope was an ideal fit.

PPW_Icon color_CMYKThanks to these TradeNet volunteers who helped deliver the goods for a good cause: Austin Brookhouser, John Chisholm, Daphne Dudley, Jay Elliott, Emily Eslick, Debbie Evans, Brittani Glenn, Vickie Greener, Gardner Hart, Scott Johnson, Karen Ponce, Ed Rodriguez, Robert Roulette, Nicole Spann, Skyler Spicker, Veronica Thomas and Joe Torrago.

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